Fields of work

Civil law

Law firms Kac and lawyers o.p. d.o.o. represents their clients rights in the following fields: law of obligations, property law, compensation law, law of succession, labor law or real estate law (along with Land Register Procedure).
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Specialized in Civil law are:

Tort law

Law firm Kac and Lawyers o.p. d.o.o. represents and prepares their clients’ damage claims (tortfeasors, insurance companies) and represents them in tort lawsuits.
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Specialized in Tort law are:

Criminal law

Law firm Kac and Lawyers o.p. d.o.o. has many years of experience in the field of counseling and representing clients in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings. When representing a client in criminal matters we pay special attention to the legal procedures.
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Specialized in Criminal law are:

Business law

Law firm Kac and Lawyers o.p. d.o.o. provides legal advice concerning business matters to directors, shareholders, employees, creditors and other parties in relation with legal persons. Our customers are companies of all sizes with limited or unlimited liability.
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Specialized in Business law are:

Labour law

Law firm Kac and Lawyers o.p. d.o.o. operates with proper knowledge and skills to advise and represent employers as well as workers.
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Specialized in Labour law are:

Tax and administrative law

In administrative proceedings and disputes law firm Kac and Lawyers o.p. d.o.o. makes sure that customers’ principal objective of administrative law is being followed, that is to meet public benefits along with legitimate interests of the individual in question.
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Specialized in Tax and administrative law are: